Collector Java Rudraksha beads


"As per your recommendation I ordered Mangalmaya-J around 15 days back and experienced positive changes in my career.Thanks for the guidance.Regards,Niteesh"
10 Jul, 2016
"I ordered 2 Mahamrityunjaya Copper Locket Yantras and I am glad made the right choice by ordering from Rudraksha Ratna. I meditate regularly and as soon as I received the yantra locket, I could feel the powerful energy instantly vibrating in my body which ensured me that the correct procedure of energizing the yantra has been followed. Moreover, the packaging was great especially the small gift ba..."
4 Jul, 2016
"Om Namah Shivaya ! I am writing to you with great devotion to Lord Shiva. Today, I have received a promotion from my office. This has been discussing over last two months and I was awaiting written confirmation. Today only I have received it. Recommendation for promotion with a very good salary increment came at a higher level in the month of February. This came two-three weeks afte..."
28 Jun, 2016
"I received all the products that you have sent me. I am so happy. Your packaging , preparations of products and your products are all so neat , well done , professional and spirituality superlative. God Bless you and Rudraksha Ratna team. Chandran, Singapore"
13 Jun, 2016
"Namaste,Thanks.The power bracelets are really working well. Business has expanded locally and internationally at the same time. I feel energetic, healthy and on top of the world.I will be coming back to you shortly for my husband\'s recommendations. Thanks for all that you do.Joyce"
1 Jun, 2016
"Hi,  Would like to extend my heart fill thanks to you for delivering me the product on time. It was really a pleasure working with Rudraksha Ratna Team.Your efforts and commitment from beginning to the end of process was superb.It was not an easy task right from resource gathering to delivering the product and honestly you people have done a fantastic job.Hope you uphold the integr..."
29 May, 2016
"Thank you very much for Rudraksha combinations what I wear today Indra mala and sarva siddha,I convinced myself that is irrelevant if the beads are Java or Nepal,both work the same,in fact I wear more Java ones now, I feel I have more knowledge when I talk to people.   My confidence increase,I love myself more and I look at people with more love too.   At work I've been appreciated a..."
8 May, 2016
"About 20 mukhi, I can say that it increases confidence level and makes you tension free and is worth investing :)."
30 Apr, 2016
"Hello,  I am not the person who usually writes Testimonials unless I am very sure something was truly good, beneficial, and provided results as expected. I have been rudraksha ratna customer for quite some time now. It was rudraksha ratna website which got me attracted to rudraksha. After reading through its benefits I decided to try it. I can not even explain how rudraksha has influenced my..."
18 Apr, 2016
"Thank you for sending my order on time. I received Bilva Leaves and Bilva fruits on Maha Shivaratri day for the pooja, thanks a lot. I also liked the Yellow Gold Citrine pendant, made it very strong and nice. Packing was very nice. Overall, I am happy with the items received, faster delivery, and would shop again. I am repetitive customer, have been buying from your site since 2008.    ..."
7 Mar, 2016
"Hi As everybody i also brought rudraksha and wearing it and they are doing a great job by Supplying it all over the world. KEEP IT UP..."
24 Feb, 2016
"Thank you I've received holy rudraksha beads and I've noticed very nice fragrance coming from them I assume it's a sandalwood. Everything is perfect."
12 Feb, 2016
"Thank you again, I received the bracelet and it is absolutely beautiful!  I have started wearing it as you have advised.  Again, I will suggest your products to everyone I know as your staff has been amazing and your input highly valuable.  In comparison with other products I have purchased from India online, yours  by far supercedes them all.   I am actually consideri..."
1 Feb, 2016
"I have been very grateful to RR team for over many years in helping me showing the path towards devotion of Lord Shiva. I must say that no other Rudraksha so far has given me the effect same as '1 mukhi java Rudraksha'. You do not need any other Rudraksha once you have 1 mukhi java. Within a year after wearing it following things happened: -After 4 years of struggle suddenly got Finances enough to..."
17 Jan, 2016
"I Thankyou for everything for the bracelet and the rudraksh I am wearing in my upper arm, since wearing them I have become very confident and bold which I was never before also is about to take up a new risk. I am taking steps to work on my own terms with the existing company or to start a new business whichever materialises as I have already put my foot down to be dictated with the confidence I h..."
29 Dec, 2015
"Sorry for the delay in sharing my experience with you. After your guidance I ordered and started wearing the Supreme Kavacham. Initially I dont feel any change. But after 2 months now I can say that it really works, all my depression, fears and insecurities related to my life and career has vanished from my mind. I do what I want to do and speak what I want to speak. Now its a must for me to wear ..."
6 Dec, 2015

Chakra Yog Articles

What Should You Know About Collector Java Beads?

Chakra Yog offers an extensive collection of Collector Grade Giant Rudraksha Beads. Both Collector Java Beads and Collector Indonesian Rudraksha Beads available on our website are handpicked to be of the highest quality. These are distinguished from normal sized beads as they are Giant in size, heavy, lustrous and emit high energy. These rare Rudraksha Beads are produced in limited quantity in each season. Normally these are placed in Puja altar for worship or worn or kept in safe boxes. These are highly sought after by Rudraksha lovers. These rare beads work on deeper physical, emotional, planetary and karmic levels to heal a person from deep within to produce ever-lasting beneficial results.

Collector Java Rudraksha Beads

Collector Java Beads are large Java Rudraksha Beads which are rarer, and hence costlier. They are full of positive energy, which is transferred into our body and strengthen the Aura, while also being conducive to chakra healing. These beads are believed to have mystical powers that can remove numerous pains, sorrows, and calamities. They assist in awakening of Kundalini - the self pleasure point. They are helpful in achieving worldly and heavenly attainments and are well known for its biomedical properties and in controlling stress, hypertension and blood pressure.

Large Indonesian Rudraksha Beads: Which Ones Are Best

Large Indonesian Rudraksha Beads are better known as Collector Indonesian Rudraksha Beads. Since Indonesian rudraksha beads are often smaller than their Nepalese counterparts, finding giant sized Java rudraksha beads is even rarer. Some of the best Collector Indonesian Rudraksha Beads include:

•Collector 1 Mukhi: One mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Mahadev Himself. Enlightens the Super Consciousness and destroys all sins, leading one to liberation.

•Collector 14 Mukhi: Known as Deva Mani, this is the most precious divine gem that is ruled by the mighty Hanuman. These beads infuse its wearer with a strong will, divine intuition and the courage to overcome all odds.

•Collector 15 Mukhi: These rare beads fulfill the desires of the heart as they attract abundance and fulfillment. Also great for those suffering from depression, blood pressure, allergies, cholesterol and other ailments related to the heart.

•Collector 16 Mukhi: Ruled by Mahamrityunjaya form of Lord Shiva, this rare Rudraksha bestows health, wealth, long life, peace, prosperity and contentment. It generates divine vibrations that ward off negative and evil forces to create a powerful protective shield around the wearer.

•Collector 17 Mukhi: Ruled by Katyayani Devi , the sixth form of Durga, this Rudraksha destroys the limiting beliefs of the wearer in gradual course of time and thus destroys past Karma.

•Collector 18 Mukhi: This rare rudraksha is ruled by Goddess BhumiDevi who is the divine wife of Lord Vishnu. This is one of the most powerful Rudraksha that grants the wearere good health, intelligence and prosperity.

•Collector 19 Mukhi: A very rare Rudraksha ruled by Lord Narayana - the supreme of all Gods. It bestows upon the wearer immense wealth, success in business, abundance in all spheres and good health.

•Collector 20 Mukhi: This rare Rudraksha is ruled by the Creator of the Universe , Lord Brahma. Wearing this rudraksha bestows blessings of attainment of divine knowledge in Creation, sciences, arts and music upon the wearer.

•Collector 21 Mukhi: This rarest of the rare Rudraksha is ruled by Kubera, the Lord of wealth. The wearer is blessed with immense properity and fulfillment of pleasures and materialistic desires.

•Trijuti Rudraksha Java: This Powerful Rudraksha represents the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh that is encompassed within the mantra Aum. This rare bead will enhances the Creation powers of the wearer and empowers the wearer for great achievements and power with help of the Trinity.

•Savar Naag Rudraksha Java: Highly auspicious and very rare, this is also called as Naag Rudraksha.

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